DVD_Saint_Perpetua_VideoReviews and endorsements for “The Story of Saint Perpetua”

Al Kresta – President and CEO of Ave Maria Radio and Host of “Kresta in the Afternoon”
“Catholic Heroes of the Faith is an extraordinary and exciting effort to bring the faith alive for children and the young-at-heart alike. It’s professional, polished, well-written, engaging and inspirational. But why take the word of a 50-year-old talk show host, when I can just tell you that my 8-year-old LOVED ‘St. Perpetua.’ Keep up the great work, and I am anxiously awaiting further releases.”

Greg & Jennifer Willits
Founders of and Hosts of “The Catholics Next Door” on The Catholic Channel Sirius 159/XM 117.
“It has literally been years since our kids got excited about a cartoon with a religious theme. They typically can see us coming from a mile away whenever we want them to watch something with spiritual undertones. But The Story of Saint Perpetua literally kept them glued to the screen, and immediately asking for more. We couldn’t be more pleased to have high quality, well-produced, and riveting Catholic entertainment like this to share with our family.”

Reverend Rajpaul Sandararaj
(Associate Pastor) – Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne Catholic Church.
“The DVD on St. Perpetua with its background score and filming angle was not only captivating but more importantly inspirational. It was a blend of inspirational spirituality with information. Along with the regular/secular DVD’s, DVD’s such as these would help to shape the consciousness of God in our little ones.”

Sean Herriott – Host and Managing Editor for “Morning Air”
“The Saint Perpetua Story” fills a need for quality children’s entertainment that is not only faith-based, but distinctly Catholic. It tells St. Perpetua’s story in a way that is faithful to her diaries, but still accessible to children. Its tasteful handling of Perpetua and her companions’ martyrdom made me feel very comfortable letting my six-year-old daughter watch it. I look forward to more viewings of this DVD with my daughter, and more great conversations with her about how much Perpetua loved and trusted God, and how we can follow her example. I highly recommend “The Saint Perpetua Story,” and hope we see many more installments of the “Catholic Heroes of the Faith” series.”

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
“This is an uplifting half-hour animated dramatization of the arrest, imprisonment, and martyrdom of Saint Perpetua. It shows her bold testimony during her trial and her fortitude in the arena.” (

Mike Aquilina – Early Church Expert, Author and Catholic Radio Host
“The Story of Saint Perpetua provides a model response to today’s youth for confronting the challenges of a culture hostile to the faith.”

Rod Bennett – Author of “Four Witnesses: The Early Church in her own words.
“Well done and quite inspirational! I was very impressed indeed, both with the historical accuracy of the content and with the entertainment value.”

Carl Sommer – Catholic Educator and Author
“The Story of Saint Perpetua is highly recommended for Catholic Grade Schools teachers, PSR or CCD catechists, home-schooling parents, and Catholic parents who want their children to learn about the saints and martyrs of the early Church.”



“Well done and quite inspirational! I was very impressed indeed, both with the historical accuracy of the content and with the entertainment value.”
Rod Bennett

“This is an uplifting half-hour animated dramatization of the arrest, imprisonment and martyrdom of Sts. Perpetua, Felicity and their companions in the North African city of Carthage circa 203 AD. Aimed at viewers eight and up, the hand-drawn cartoon adheres to the journal Perpetua kept in prison, and shows her pagan father’s efforts to convince her to abandon the faith, her bold testimony during her trial and — as recorded at the end of the journal by a follower — her fortitude in the arena.”
Review from the United States Catholic Council of Bishops website,

“The scriptwriters did their homework well, and have produced a story with a high degree of historical accuracy. The artwork is also of a consistently high quality. The richness of the colors and the vividness of the character drawings are at times reminiscent of The Prince of Egypt and other Hollywood productions.”
Carl Sommer